Rat Control & Management

Servicing the Wellington & Manawatu Regions

Rats are amongst the most damaging pests in New Zealand. They consume and contaminate food, damage structures and property, and transmit parasites and diseases to other animals and humans. They are often found in and around homes and other buildings, farms, gardens, and open fields. Rats (just like possums), are a major threat to native plants and animals. The main species we are dealing with are the Roof Rats (also known as Ship or black rats) and the Sewer Rat (Water and Norwegian Rats).

Listen to Pestproof owner Paul Chapman speak about rats on Radio New Zealand.

We have technicians servicing the Wellington region, Wairarapa and the Manawatu.

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Rat Eradication

Prices For Rat Treatment

Cost is $220.00. The guarantee or free call back period is 6 months. This includes providing long-term proofing recommendation if feasible. Removal of carcasses is not included in this service that is baiting only. Please visit our Prices page and Terms & Conditions page for full details

“Very prompt, efficient, and informative, explaining the options, what was recommended and why, with a rat situation.”  – Yolande

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