Bee Removal & Management

Servicing the Wellington & Manawatu Regions

There are 3 main groups of these insects: Honey bees, Bumble bees and native bees. They are not normally pests, but when they are found in the wrong place they may cause issues. We do our best to educate people about bees. In some situations we can relocate them.

Listen to Pestproof owner Paul Chapman speak about bumblebees on Radio New Zealand.

We have technicians servicing the Wellington region, Wairarapa and the Manawatu.

Honeybee Removal Service

Honeybee Removal & Relocation

Bumblebee Removal Service

Bumblebee Removal & Relocation

Prices For Bee Removal & Relovation

Honey Bee swarm relocation- Free of Charge. Hive in structural cavity extermination $135. 3 month guarantee.

Bumble Bee nest relocation- $135 per nest. Extermination (if we can’t convince you to leave them alone)- $135 per nest. 3 month guarantee.

Please visit our Prices page and Terms & Conditions page for full details

“Did fantastic job, came within the hour and charged very little, considering it was a weekend emergency call. Unlike most pest people who just kill all the honey bees, he took as many away as possible to a beekeeper so they could continue to do what nature intended for them.” – Ceri

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