Are you hearing noises in your roof space or sub-floor or walls at night? Then it’s highly likely that you have a rat problem. You will need to do the following:

  1. Place wire secured bait in the structural cavities where fresh rat droppings are spotted. You can tell if a rat dropping is fresh if it’s charcoal black and shiny. The bait should be wire secured because rats are hoarders. They are likely to steal the bait and hide it from each other, or drop it outside where non targeted animals or children may find it.
  2. Check the exterior perimeter to identify the entry points. Don’t block the access immediately, Go ahead with the proofing only when the noises stop (generally after a week). This will prevent the rats becoming trapped and dying inside, thereby creating a bad smell.

Are you seeing rats outside your building? If you are seeing them during the day, it means that it is highly likely your area has a serious infestation. You will need to do the following:

  1. Install permanent exterior rat bait stations, which you will need to monitor and replenish with bait frequently. This is an ongoing activity, as rats are territorial. Once you get rid of your local colony, neighbouring rats may move in to fill the vacuum.
  2. Talk to you neighbours to widen the control area.

Are you aware that rats are inside your work or living space? If you think that it’s just a single rat which your cat brought inside, then try to find the rat and show it the way out or use a snap or live trap. If you believe that the rat came out of the wall or the floor, then the use of traps will not be efficient and you will need to use the method described above (when rats are making noises in your house structural cavities).

Precautions: Rats can be dangerous when cornered. Baits are toxic; read the instructions carefully. Never place the bait where pets (especially dogs) can access it, even in bait stations, as the bait may be dragged out of the bait station by the rats. If you believe that your pet is likely to consume poisoned rats, make sure you get bait that is the most pet friendly available. Always be prepared to take your pet to the vet if you suspect that a carcass (or live rat) was consumed.

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