White-footed ants usually live in the structural cavities of buildings. Their preferred food sources are usually located in the garden. This is why you will see ant trails going in and out of your building. People tend to think that the ants are coming from the garden or from the neighbours.

Occasionally White-footed ants enter your living or work space and cause major inconvenience.

If you ever see ant trails outside, don’t be tempted to spray them with insecticides. The insecticide you use will act as a barrier and will prevent the ants living in your walls from getting out to the garden. The ants will then bother you more indoors.

We apply a special non-repellent insecticide outdoors to kill the ant nests in the structural cavities of your building. Ants crossing the treated areas will take the insecticide back to the nest and spread it amongst the other members of the colony. More information on the habits and treatment of the White-footed ant